Consoles and Control

Yamaha CL3. c/w MBCL Meter Bridge, MY8-AE, PW800W PSU, Cisco Switch, Easy Tilt & UPS.

Yamaha QL5. c/w Cisco Switch.

Yamaha QL1. c/w Yamaha MY4-DA & MY8-AE.

Yamaha RIO 3224D. c/w Cisco Switches.

Microphones & DI's

AKG C214.


AKG C451B.

Audix D6.

Audix D4.

Audix Fireball.

Audix TM1.

Audio-Technica ATM450.

BSS AR133.

DPA 4099. Various instrument mounts and clips available.

Interspace Industries PC DI.

Neumann KM184.

Sennheiser E602II.

Sennheiser E904.

Sennheiser E906.

Sennheiser MKH416 P48.

Shure Beta 58.

Shure SM58 Switch.

Shure Beta 57.

Shure SM57.

Shure Beta 52.

Shure Beta 56.

Shure Beta 91.

Shure Beta 98D.

Shure 55SHII.

Radio Microphones

Sennheiser G3 300 GB 12 Way System. c/w ADU's & A2003 Antenna.

Sennheiser G3 300 GB 4 Way System. c/w ADU & A2003 Antenna.

Sennheiser SK 300.

Sennheiser SKM 300.

Sennheiser SKP 300.

Sennheiser HSP2.

Countryman B3.

Generic Headset in Beige, Brown & Black.

LiLAC UV Microphone Disinfector.

Fischer Amps ALC161 Battery Charger. Charges 16 AA or AAA batteries.


Sennheiser EM300 GB IEM System. 8 Transmitters + PFL  & G3 300 Scanner. c/w A5000 Antenna & Shure SE215 Generics.

Shure P9HW.

Fischer Amps Mini Body Pack II.

Behringer P16M, P16D & P16I.

Mackie SRM150.


CableGuard Black Line low profile, two channel cable ramp.