Electrical Safety Policy

Louder Audio Productions Electrical Safety Compliance Policy.

Louder Audio Productions completes an electrical safety inspection on  all electrical equipment belonging to the company in order to comply with any insurance policies that we may have in place (Please see parts A, 1 & 2 below).

This test consists of a full visual inspection of the equipment as well as computerised continuity tests that test a) Earth resistance and leakage, b) Insulation and c) Functionality.

Please be aware that, in line with the Health and Safety Executive laws and policies, this is not a PAT test, it is a test for electrical safety.

The HSE clearly states that all equipment must be tested for electrical safety. PAT is just a form of electrical safety test.

This test is conducted every time the equipment leaves our premises. Please be aware that due to this, we unable to provide certificates in advance of the preparation of your equipment.

This is because equipment is constantly out on rental.

An electrical safety test of any form is technically invalid the moment it is completed due to the use and ever changing nature of the environment that the equipment is used in.

This is why it is our policy to test equipment before every job so that we can maintain all of our equipment to the highest possible standard of electrical safety.

Please note, as of Summer 2013 we will be phasing out the traditional “PASS” stickers on appliances as this is open to forgeries.

As such, equipment owned and operated by Louder Audio Productions will carry unique barcodes.

This barcode records all the information and history on an item (There are exceptions to this. Please contact your account handler for a copy of the exceptions list).

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your account handler.

Part A:    1) Please contact us for this information.

                2) Please contact us for this information.